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Nicolino Calyo (Italian-born American artist, 1799-1884) Auctioneer in the Public Streets New York City 1840-44

Selma Burke, American sculptor, 1900-1995, in her studio. She was one of the few African-American women sculptors who achieved a high level of national recognition during her lifetime. She received national recognition for her relief portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt which was the model for his image on the dime. She was committed to teaching art to others, so she established the Selma Burke Art School in New York City and opened the Selma Burke Art Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

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A Man [Artist] at his Desk by Georg Friedrich Kersting 1811 (Goethe Nationalmuseum Weimar).

There are quite a few examples of talented female artists in Jane Austen’s novels. Georgiana Darcy in Pride and Prejudice is portrayed as a girl who could both play instruments and execute go…