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Algae biofilm | 2011 Photomicrography Competition | Nikon Small World

Jonathan Franks University of Pittsburgh - Algae biofilm Confocal, autofluorescence

Green Seaweed and Green Algae Images UK Chlorophyta

APHOTOMARINE - Photographic Stock Image Library Image Index Page for Green Seaweed or Algae Images (Chlorophyta).

Saw some Halymenia recently, although probably a different species

Saw some Halymenia recently, although probably a different species

nikon small world

nikon small world

Mosquito eye (Anopheles sp) - 20X magnification - Confocal, Fluorescence - Dr Marie Andersson, UCMR / Dep Molecular Biology, Umeå Universitet - Umeå, Sweden

Anopheles (mosquito) eye Photo by Dr. Marie Andersson What?

how algae creates oxygen on pinterest - Google Search

Reminds me of marbling, using shaving foan and inks. algae-strewn coastline in Brazil.looks like agate.

diatoms on red alga

diatoms on red alga.theres always something living off / on a host. If surrounding s r right?

Starnose-mole. Jeez that's strange. | TheWildAnimalStore.com

A resident of North America, this star-nosed mole makes up for his poor eyesight with a hairless nose that is a "star" of 22 fleshy tentacles. The tentacles are extremely sensitive - they can even sense electricity!

Pictured are high-definition images of the skull and the Circle of Willis, which supplies blood to the brain

Brains, veins and bones as you've never seen them

Take a look at these astounding GIFs - Incredibly high definition body scans (gif) by the newest technology

Adult cells, after being reverted to a more primitive form, can be coaxed to develop into nerve cells that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine (yellow).

Research may facilitate more individualized treatment for ADHD

Neurons growing over astrocytes in a human stem cell embryo body | 2011 Photomicrography Competition | Nikon Small World

Neurons (in blue to yellow) growing on top of astrocytes (in red, helper cells within the nervous system) in a human stem cell embryoid body (a cluster of differentiating human embryonic stem cells).

Iridescent wing of the P. Blumei Butterfly

The bright green wings of the P. blumei butterfly result from the mixing of the different colors of light that are reflected from different regions of the scales found on the wings of these butterflies.