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#Geek Hierarchy put it this way geek = freaking Batman nerd = Batman fandom people and dork = "I can't wait for the Avengers movie I love Batman!" Or "Wait who's Dick Grayson?"

Not reading will FEED the little parasite ;p)

10 Funny Images You'll Understand If You Only Want Books for Christmas

10 Images You’ll Understand If You Only Want Books for Christmas

This is true, and how has everyone thought of that.

NOPE...nope...nope...blah! too much facial hair is just gross..I will never get the large nasty beard shit.

I'm 100% sure Scott Had NO FUCKING IDEA. And this is hilarious because you know it's true.

Why do people keep saying that? There are 6 more books in the Court series.

True but I didn't really ship Jyn and Cassian since they only knew each other for like a couple days then they both DIED