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The Hopi Indians refer to a race of reptillians called the Sheti or "Snake-Brothers" who live underground & above ground in shape shift "human" form. Reptillians have shown themselves to me as spirit attachments on many dealing w/ addictions. They're not kind. They've been here for YEARS. Depictions date back to Egyptians. In attachment form they can easily go from 3rd & 4th dimensions. They feed on & create fear, torture, evil, addiction, negativity, mental illness, human sacrifice, etc

Stone sculpture depicting a Vimana, flying machines in Ellora caves, ancient India (1200 b.c.), Many Sanskrit epics, which were written in India more than two millennia ago, contain references to flying machines called vimanas.

Leaked CIA images of known Aliens on Earth and in cooperation with the Black Shadow Government and Secret Space Programs.