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Yeah he's totally beautiful.. and has hair that defies gravity and the laws of physics

Dan Smith (Bastille) | Once you go indie, you never go back. This man right here makes wonderful music! One of my fave indie artists

Dan Smith - that pant grab though**not to mention the hair

Please excuse me while I continue pinning his face because it makes me happy.

Dan Smith I just want to run my fingers through his hair, and call him daddy.

kimstormer: Can we just take a moment How good he Looks After the Christmas Break

Absolutely the most wonderful man in the world *-* ♥♥

Dan Smith @ Reading Festival.<<<<cries over how perfect Dan's cheekbones are

but if you close your eyes....does it almost feel like Dan Smith is your husband? So i changed the lyrics, sue me. ;)

Dan Smith from Bastille. Awesome voice! I just preordered his upcoming album Bad Blood due sometime in September!