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Dan Smith (Bastille) | Once you go indie, you never go back. This man right here makes wonderful music! One of my fave indie artists

Yeah he's totally beautiful.. and has hair that defies gravity and the laws of physics

Please excuse me while I continue pinning his face because it makes me happy.

Dan Smith @ Reading Festival.<<<<cries over how perfect Dan's cheekbones are

kimstormer: Can we just take a moment How good he Looks After the Christmas Break

Absolutely the most wonderful man in the world *-* ♥♥

but if you close your eyes....does it almost feel like Dan Smith is your husband? So i changed the lyrics, sue me. ;)

Dan Smith I just want to run my fingers through his hair, and call him daddy.

Dan Smith from Bastille. Awesome voice! I just preordered his upcoming album Bad Blood due sometime in September!

awwww... dannyyyyy... - thanks to my stalking skills...- how the heck did you find this????

Dan Smith of Bastille, he is so handsome yet so humble and slightly awkward. Looove that!