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~Donate to Operation Baghdad Pups! Without Operation Baghdad Pups, a majority of service members could not afford to bring their special companions home from the Middle East. Your donations will help us provide soldiers with travel crates, vaccinations, transportation for their animal to the Baghdad Airport & transport home. www.spcai.org/... Please, help today! Donations of $, leashes, collars, food & water dishes. etc. HELP TODAY PLEASE!

service dog and it's soldier companion.

For Sure!

Service dog

A woman who served in Iraq for more than three years is now fighting to adopt the German Shepherd who she survived a roadside bomb with.

Ready to jump - ready to serve - God Bless Them!!

Military dogs in chow line... Thank you for your service.

We Are Selling T-Shirts With This Decal to help raise funds for Im-Paws-Able Dog Rescue. Great cause, great rescue--ALL PROCEEDS will go to help feed, vet, and provide whatever else is needed by our rescue pups! If you'd like to purchase one, please go to: http://www.charlietotherescue.org/forgiveness If not, please share. Thank you!

Blessed Is The Person Who Has Earned The Love Of An Old Dog.

They serve.

Honor Our Veterans by Adopting One: Adopt a Military War Dog.

In Memory Of Bart a True American Hero War Dog. Thank you Bart, for sacrificing your life in service to our country.

Service dogs and our brave veterans of war.

army dogs.

The Story: "I was the flight attendant on a Memorial Day flight. Speaking with the passenger in the front row, I learned that the dog pictured was Corporal Kiddy. She had just earned her retirement after 12 years with the U.S. Marines. I made an announcement to congratulate her on her career. The cabin erupted into applause. The corporal jumped onto the nearest lap to graciously accept."

Think that a PTSD service dog isn’t a “real” service dog? There are many tasks that PTSD service dogs perform. Some of them can be trained to do “front block” and ”rear block” to make their humans feel safer in a public space, anxiety contact, house clearing, “pull me up” (from the floor or chair) and retrieving (phones, etc).

Retired Military War Dog Emir was trained in explosives detection and patrol, and served 6 years in the military with 4 deployments to Iraq.

Military dogs

Meet Cameron and Harper, a strong duo made possible by Freedom Service Dogs. Cameron is a 4th generation soldier who suffers from PTSD. He refers to Harper as his 'battle buddy.'

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