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Love this pic. Reminds me of a quote from Wynn In Doubt: "He stands, lips parted and eyes closed, at the front of the stage in the school auditorium, a guitar hanging casually from one shoulder. That was the last night we ever spoke. The night he kissed me. The night his lips touched my lips and my fate was sealed."


Stairway to sunset: this appears to be the sun rise on the Bay of Fundy in Novia Scotia to me. The tide would rise to tremendous heights within a 24 hour period of time.

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Fascinating Nature Photography

Beautiful 'up-close' photography<<<dandelions are so magical!


gone fishing, boat water sun, you know there are fish in there This photo has inspired me to doing something like this in my work, i like the sun just glaring out of the sky into the camera, i like the boat just being on its own with the sea far in the background, the colors in this photo looks very bright that is what i like about it because i want my work to be bright so people notice my work most.