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Fantasy Reader's Workshop Unit (Common Core Skill Development)


Historical Fiction: Reader's Workshop Unit (Common Core Sk

Preparing Students for the Writer's Workshop, An 8-Day Common Core Unit. An Absolutely essential, and yet seldom taught unit.

Fantasy Writer's Workshop Unit AND Fantasy Reader's Worksh

5th Grade Common Core Word Wall - 52 illustrated cards, color coded by domain, and aligned to Common Core standards! $

Readers Workshop Unit 7 - Building Foundations

Lesson plans aligned to Common Core are included! This is a 2 week unit on William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” aligned to Common Core. There are 12 Power Points and 11 documents included as well.

Readers Workshop Graphic Organizers upset awesome for Christmas time!!

Readers Workshop BUNDLED Units of Skills Practice from TIPS4Teachers on TeachersNotebook.com (60 pages) - readers workshop unit of study skills practice

Book Clubs Historical Fiction Reader's Workshop Unit

Reader's Workshop Anchor Charts

Common Core: Twenty Apples--Recognizing, Writing, and Comp

Whether you are striving to implement the United States Common Core Standards or not, these 40 text-based response graphic organizers are going to challenge your students like never before. ($)

Symbolism Teaching Literary Symbols and Motifs Common Core -- 90+ Pages! Teach Symbolism like you have never done before!

Common Core Facebook Posters for 8th Grade ELA. Print and Post!

Character Cell Phone Activity Common Core Aligned

This is 5th grade math but I love the idea... Prove it, Show it, and then write about it! All Common Core!!

4th Grade Reading Literature Graphic Organizers for Common Core. Best selling! $