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earth's crust with the evolutionary history of the species j.l. agassiz - 1851

Geology of North America

Limulidae anatomy research II, Paris, 1873.

ASTRONOMICAL Charts Lunar Solar Eclipse MOON Phases Tides Vintage 1902

Astronomical calendar, by Nicholas of Lynn, ca. 1324 / Sacred Geometry <3

50 Years of Space Exploration by Adam Crowe, via Flickr

Gravity Diagram

This shows many factors of evolution and how they can all link together to be joined in a big tree of evolution

Slime Mold Transformation!!! Slime Mold going from Plasmodium to Sporulation

pressed seaweed

Jellyfish anatomy III

Jewel Beetle Leg detail

Optic neurons in blowfly (100x) Nicholas J. Strausfeld, UofA.

Gossypium Cotton Plant Cross Section

Seeds under the microscope


This amazing microscope image of a carnivorous bladderwort is this year's winner of the Olympus BioScapes digital imaging competition

The Evolution of the whale

Species New to Science: [PaleoMammalogy • 2012] A Bizarre tandem-horned elasmothere rhino from the Late Miocene of northwestern China and origin of the true elasmothere