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Grave Marker- Roy Rogers, American Cowboy actor. When Rogers died of congestive heart failure, he was residing in Apple Valley, California. He was interred at Sunset Hills Cemetery in Apple Valley, as was his wife, Dale Evans, three years later.

Marlene Dietrich's grave. Friedhof Schoneberg III, Friedenau Tempelhof-Schoneberg, Berlin Germany.

The grave of General Theodore Roosevelt JR eldest son of President Theodore Roosevelt. He landed on June 6 Utah Beach. He died of a heart attack July 12, 1944 after a very tough day against German attacks during the Battle of Normandy.

Alfred "Elsie" Eisenstaedt (born December 6, 1898 Dirschau (Tczew), West Prussia, Imperial Germany – died August 24,1995 (aged 96) Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, United States) was a German-born American photographer and photojournalist. He is best known for his photograph of the V-J Day celebration and for his candid photographs, frequently made using a 35mm Leica camera.

Draugen, from Norse “draugr” meaning ghost. Yet another water creature, and this one is something you really wouldn’t want to meet when you’re out in your boat. Draugen is the ghost of a man who died at sea. He is huge and monster-like, and covered in seaweed, rowing in half a boat. He erupts a terrible scream when he appears, and legend has it he can be seen during stormy nights at sea, drowning sailors and fishermen, and sinking their boats and ships. There is a story of a man who once ran…