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    Almost forgot - Gen 5

    Merlin Hulbert and Smith and Wesson mod3

    S&W 3 inch 65-5 and a 3 inch 13-3

    S&W Model 19 in .357 Magnum

    Walther K43 Semi-Automatic Rifle

    "Old-School" Gear

    The rare Winchester bolt action pistol, An experimental pistol, these firearms were based off of the Model 1902, a famous .22 rifle made by Winchester marketed as a youth firearm. The pistol used the same action as the rifle, is chambered for .22 long rifle, and is most recognizable by its long tapered barrel. The model never went into production, but they were popular among employees, who would buy (or smuggle) surplus parts and build their own. As a result, no two are the same.

    North American Arms .22 mini-revolver

    MG4 .32 centerfire target pistol

    .357 Magnum Tribute 80 YEARS!

    Hakim An Egyptian semi-automatic rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser.

    S&W No. 3 Japanese Navy revolver

    Ivory handled Registered Magnum with King sights. Accessories are tipped in ivory.

    Thompson submachine gun models

    Stewart Granger had 2 Westley Richards 577's. This rifle was made originally in 1923 for Count Alfred Potocki whose uncle Joseph, was author of the very rare book 'Sport in Somaliland’

    Home Shooting Range - Page 2 - 1911Forum

    Cutaway view of the S&W revolver.

    M1 Garand, en bloc clips, and repurposed mag pouches.