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Tomorrow morning on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 10 AM EST, we will be launching the most world-changing Love Flash Mob in Momastery history. It will be a day of bruty and miracles and hope and community. I need you. I need you BIG, like I've never needed you before. #LoveFlashMob

LOVE FLASH MOB TODAY!!! And you are showing up!!! You are doing it!!! Doing life-saving, world-changing LOVE WORK today with our sisters in Haiti. Don't miss the miracles happening at Momastery today! #LoveFlashMob #TogetherRising

Parental love...

We do loud. We do fun. We do awesome.

Be wild and free and you. #momastery #carryonwarrior http://momastery.com/blog/

It's LOVE FLASH MOB DAY! Meet Hailey. Hailey represents an entire jaw-dropping group you told us about: the ACTIVISTS. These are the sheros who, in many cases, have lived through the fire of hardship and tragedy and channeled their pain into service and outreach for others. All she wants is for more people to know about her work so that she can keep caring for others. #LoveFlashMob

Thank you. Thank you for being SO good. Thank you for not being perfect and for instead being GOOD. GOD, good is so much better, isn’t it? #TogetherRising - See more at: http://momastery.com/blog/#sthash.KD4P1CP6.dpuf

Come let us have some tea and talk about happy things.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good. - John Steinbeck

Great for vows.

Love Flash Mob Day! Please visit! #momastery http://momastery.com/blog/2014/05/14/angels-and-warriors/

It's a big day. We're dreaming BIG DREAMS! Click through and read today's post about helping out with some Amazon wishlist items and volunteering for our event with this amazing school. #LoveWins

IT'S LOVE FLASH MOB DAY!!!! Please, please, go to this link now. I'm not ashamed to beg you because I'm begging on behalf of 176 families who NEED us to show up today. #LoveFlashMob http://momastery.com/blog/2015/05/14/rise-shine-sheros/

If I had a couple Kairos moments during the day, I call it a success. Carpe a couple Kairos a day. Good enough for me.

Perspective #2


Yesss..I do :)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On Choosing Friends

Remember this

A Letter To a Hurting Friend - for those times when you don't know what to say.