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Anime picture 724x1024 with original tomioka jirou long hair single tall image looking at viewer blonde hair green eyes sitting holding braid (braids) pleated skirt bent knee (knees) twin braids outdoors street girl skirt hair ornament bracelet she so is pretty!!!

3girls animal_ears arm_hug backpack bag black_legwear blonde_hair blue_eyes braid cardigan double_arm_hug elin_(tera) emily_(pure_dream) girl_sandwich glasses green_eyes grey_background kneehighs long_hair multiple_girls navy_blue_legwear orange_hair plaid plaid_skirt rabbit_ears romaji school_uniform serafuku shoes simple_background skirt squirrel_ears squirrel_tail tail tera_online v white_hair white_legwear

Armin Arlert, Hideyoshi Nagachika, and Mikaela Hyakuya are all suffering blondes.<<< I thought Hide was more of a ginger... Could be wrong

Tags: "blonde hair" "blush" "braids" "hoodie" "long hair" "pointy ears" "red eyes" "scarf" "skirt" "thigh highs" "tree" "twin tails" Artist: "Cait"

Anime picture 800x1132 with neon genesis evangelion gainax soryu asuka langley guchico (pixiv) long hair single tall image blue eyes fringe looking away orange hair grey from below winter hands in pockets gradient snowing exhalation girl scarf