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    Palmar Treefrog

    Some frogs can stay alive when frozen

    Green Tree Frog

    Three Reinwardt's flying frogs

    Peek a Boo!

    tree frog


    ~~ tiny frog using a leaf as an umbrella during a harsh rain in East Java, Indonesia by Penkdix Palme~~

    Two frogs a-leaping: This pair of red-eyed tree frogs did their best to outdo each other with a height contest in Indonesia


    "Hang In There"

    hands up in the air

    (via 500px / Waiting ^^ by Andri Priyadi)


    Red-eyed Treefrogs in Light Blue Shades

    Naturally beautiful

    tiny frog on a blackberry

    May I have this dance?

    Betsey Johnson Frog Stud Earrings

    So cute