The Road

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Great Books for a Book Club (or just to read yourself)

The Road The Road The Road

Matt Owen won the Simon & Shuster contest for the book cover of the 60th Anniversary of Fahrenheit 451

Books every woman in her mid-twenties "should" read - pinning now & reading later :)

Moby Dick. Cover by Umberto Scalabrini

Book Cover Designs: Cool Alternative 'The Shining' Posters | From up North


Dubliners book cover

Gatsby Covers never cease to amaze me! I love that artists keep coming up with stuff over and over.

Really like this cover design. Such a good book! Adam Busby design for the cover of The Hobbit.

In Cold Blood cover

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn. All of her books are great.

STEPHANIE This is a completely different take on the popular children's story/movie. The hole on the cover adds depth and draws in our attention into the world of Alice's Adventures Wonderland in a literal sense that the hole is created by a stack of paper

It's true! It's so true. ,,,,, ok...I thought this was just ME!! (also, for a book reader, it's odd they misspelled book as bok! lol!)

book cover

“Things are never as bad as they seem.” ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

how i killed pluto

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