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Tenzin #Artwork

Tenzin Artwork


Tenzin and Co.

Tenzin and Family

Tenzin's Family

Aang + Katara = Tenzin Tenzin + X = Adorable Ikki If X = (Zuko + Mai) then the hair style makes sense and Zutara shippers may or may not be happy. Avatar Math!



Tenzin's family

Tenzin is my hero!!!

Tenzin and family.


Tenzin is Such a Softy

I love Pema and Tenzin; and the airbabies. But I'd like to see how Lin and Tenzin were together in a flashback, etc. #SpiderLin #Tenzin


Aang. Tenzin

Tenzin by Nortiker

Tenzin by ~jsgut on deviantART

Legend of Korra: Tenzin celebrates like a sir, mind you.

Tenzin and his family by freestarisis.deviantart.com on @deviantART