rainbow eyeliner tutorial

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Fire Outside Makeup Tutorial - Makeup Geek

Check out our favorite Glossy Rainbow inspired makeup look. This fantasy color hair and makeup trend gives us goosebumps!

rainbow eye makeup... ^^cute

this rainbow eye shadow -eye liner is very intriguing. Surprising Things Your Eye Color Says About You

Si fuese taaan facil :(

green eye shadow smokey cat eye liner liquid use any color step by step images wingtip

thebeautydepartment.com upside down cat eye - I REALLY like this, but it took me about a year to get down the normal "cat eye"  -  I can only imagine how long THIS STYLE will take me! lol


Maybe I can get the upside down cat eye right.because I damn sure can't get the right side up cat eye together! >>>>The upside down cat eye; why not reverse it for a dramatic effect? ::Rockabilly Makeup:: Pin Up Eye Makeup:: Eyeliner

Paint Me Beautiful, posted via eyeshadowlicious.tumblr.com

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She had the eyes of a siamese cat...purrr... ~ETS

cat-eye-makeup * for cat costume have 9 tails. go as "Cat o' 9 tails". bring a bottle of captain morgan and a sailor friend*