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anything I ever record would look nothing like this...but it sure is lovely to look at :) ~~ journal pages

Sewing diary. Cunningham's handwritten notes accompany many samples and indicate variously where the fabric was purchased, who made it into clothing, who wore it, and where it was worn. The notes appear to have been written in retrospect, probably about 1885-90; the fabrics date from 1841 to 1890.


Time Traveler

The first memory jugs were made by African Americans for grave adornments.

with this sketch book I really like the unique style of it. The almost scruffy look of it creates an authentic and personal touch. It makes it very individual to the person who created it.

A British reverend’s daughter named Barbara Johnson (1738-1825) kept a meticulous diary of the fabrics she used and details of the garments she made with them. The original diary is now a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection. It was reproduced in the 1980s and published under the title A Lady of Fashion: Barbara Johnson’s Album of Styles and Fabrics.

Jane Austen's Worldfrom Jane Austen's World

A Lady of Fashion: Barbara Johnson’s Album of Styles and Fabrics

Barbara Johnson, a well-off Englishwoman from a clerical family, made detailed notes about her wardrobe for the period 1760-1823

Marvelous french Textile Sample Book. Lyon was a french town well known for silks Date: 1846 Culture: French (Lyons) Dimensions: H. 13 1/8 x W. 9 7/8 inches 33.3 x 25.1 cm Th. 5 inches 12.7 cm Classification: Textiles-Sample Books Credit Line: Gift of the Estate of Benjamin E. Marks, 1967