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Reclaimed sheetmetal from an old car makes a pretty cool table. The Weld House by Joel Hester

This would be the entrance to my man-cave!!

Full size print hides secret passage. how cool would that be to hide a man cave? l FURNACE ROOM DOOR????

lined cooler in a coffee table for the man cave! (I know i'm not a man, but I will have a man cave. deal with it)

Stunning Mediterranean Family Room complete with a pool and poker table #mancave

A Recliner that Serves, Like, 8 Different Functions | 32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

Bathroom idea - For Matt's mancave bathroom

This is the exact way he will have our computer room looking in 6-9 months..

Aw Chris, I'd say we needed this for our electronics, but you'd probably still leave the controllers and headsets on the floor anyways .

tardis door....it's bigger on the inside

this. is. awesome.

ThinkGeek :: Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

Mustache Flashcard Poster! Love this:)

Pig Buddies USB Hub hahaha

Some of these are awesome!

Look at the flowers

I must have this!