love the pattern mats!

Fruit Loop Patterns - good idea just to work on basic patters with pre schoolers because they can have fun and a snack all at the same time

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish activity

Skip counting/number patterns with paint strips.

Rhyme Time Sort {Silly World} {FREEBIE}

subtraction mat


Create a popsicle stick pattern on a sheet of paper and provide matching sticks for children to recreate the patterns ...

Fruit Loop Patterns - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

Montessori Birthday Celebration walk: wasecabiomes — Celebration Sun and Season Mat (sold separately $65). This is the most beautiful material I have seen for this celebration. It is on my must have list.

Beginning Sounds. Great for Preschool and Kindergarten! I would make a puzzle out of this and use it during center time.

Pattern Activities

Reading mats for letter recognition and beginning sounds

playdoh math mats

Great Ideas on Using Play-doh in the classroom.... keep learning fun! Primary Possibilities- really like tens and ones mat

Patterning activity

Pattern Lesson - Really cute pattern mats

This is your typical alphabet sound chart, but the pictures are brand logos that are more recognizable by kids (i.e., m-McDonalds, d-Disney, etc.) Great idea!

Here are shape poems/song that you can sing with your students to help in remember the attributes for a triangle, rectangle, circle, triangle....