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It is a world Amigurumi: Free Pattern Easter Bunny!!

Amigurumi rabbits! #diy crochet

Amigurumi Bear - FREE Crochet Pattern / Tutorial

Crochet Amigurumi Snow White - Disney Princess

Spring bunny - Free pattern So making these for the boys this year. If I ever find time to crochet again.

Sleepy bunny--free pattern

Cute is the name of the game with Amigurumi: the Japanese art of crocheting adorable stuffed animals! Read this Craftsy blog post to get some whimsical ideas for your next crochet project. Click: http://www.craftsy.com/ext/20130221_14_Crocheting_1b

[crochet] Amigurumi Pattern - Johnny the Monkey. if I ever learn how to crochet, make curious george for sharon :)

Learn to Crochet by Making Amigurumi Pattern GC45107 - Called “amigurumi” in Japan—translation “knitted doll”—little crocheted animals and dolls have become a favorite of collectors worldwide.

free pattern

Free Pattern: Tiny Baby Bunnies.

Amigurumi snow owl - So adorable! I need to find a pattern for this one!

I love how this amigurumi bunny totally went up a level with just a bit of stitching on the feet and ears, I'll have to keep that in mind.

Get this free pattern at www.amigurumi-haken.be Jip the owl..so cute !!

"Amigurumi Hippos. I want to learn knitting!" <-- Since these are crocheted, that might not be worth you're time. But they ARE cuties!

Owl Amigurumi - PDF Crochet Pattern by Adorably Kawaii

Easy Spring Time Dress For Bunny ~ Amigurumi To Go

crochet amigurumi toy dog | Japanese 'Amigurumi' Dogs | Cute Crochet Dogs | Puppy Tales

Adorably simple, enchantingly cute, crocheted critters are capturing hearts around the world. All these words describe a crochet technique called “amigurumi”. This Japanese term translates in English to “knitted doll or toy”, which is exactly what you will get with these charming little pets. Amigurumi are generally a small-size creation that are both easy and fun to make. “How to Crochet Adorable Amigurumi” is an English-language pattern book that shows you how to create amigurumi animals t...

adorable crochet dinosaur pattern