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Tom Lucieer is a retired railway commissioner, who has built one of the world's largest private Lego collections. Picture "The Lego Man of Angaston #1 by brettm8, via Flickr." UpstateBrick's take: "One heck of a shelved, organized LEGO collection. Check out the vintage London Buses next to the Purple Harry Potter Buses."

Elevator Illusion Shocks Unsuspecting London Shoppers

"Elevator Illusions shocks London Shoppers!" advertisement for a new up coming ride in London! Very clever.

Legoland Places Miniature Billboards Made of Legos Around London

Great OOH creativity for Legoland. See more examples at the link.

To help stop violence in football stadiums, we asked for the help of the only person a tough guy respects: his own mom. The action Security Moms was created ...