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Although this would offend some, I would deffinately say yes. ^.^ Who can turn down FOOD?

How to ask someone to be your prom date

Asking someone to prom…Kayleigh Jolley I'm suing for copyright infringment.

Ask a girl to prom like this!

Such a cute way to ask a girl to prom, I had to include it in the prom photo shoot.

How my brother is asking his girl to the prom. So cute!

This is so simple. The only thing he's doing wrong is not spelling out her name, or "prom?" or a heart with the cups. ❤️

For those going to prom, an event, etc. Great post on keeping your things together and tidy in a clutch, and what are the must haves to bring.

Leonor Greyl PARIS 'Shampooing Reviviscence' -- Basically a miracle shampoo. Holy cow it worked wonders.