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laughing jack before he went (more) insane

isaac grossman and rainbow jack(RJ) and laughing jack(LJ) =creepy pasta (c) isaac's room

Five Nights at Freddy's2 by gatanii69 on DeviantArt

Five nights at freddys anime

Was machen Slender, Masky, Hoodie, EJ und Ben da drin?? Wer sieht sie noch? XD

Creepypasta comics (fr) {TERMINER}

Am I the only one to notice Masky, Hoodie, Slenderman(Sexual offenderman,sorry), Ben and Eyeless Jack in the last place?>>no I noticed them too

Candy Pop  Yet another pasta i have become obsessed with.... Why is it always clowns? Always the clowns o.o

he is jester of the kingdom. hey sorry i slow drawing it. next maybe lost silver(๑◔‿◔๑) creepy pasta candy pop (c) another creepy pasta card candy pop

Comic Creepypasta Jeff and Liu

Liu x Jeff by on deviant art <<<< I swear

Imágenes kulz de creepypastas© - Imágenes random ♥ #wattpad #de-todo

Imágenes kulz de creepypastas© - Imágenes random ♥

Homicidal Liu, Eyeless Jack and Ticci Toby

awwe Toby!!

Toby wait for me i have little legs Masky: *picks me up* Me: Hehe thank u masky Masky: Anything for u cutie Clock: U to r cute together Me: *blushes* Thank u clock Masky: *lightly blushes* Thank u clock i do luv her Me: Aw i luv u to Toby: Aw :'(

Oh, Always fear the monochrome, For he can see you in your own home.

Love this poem>>>>It gives me a FNAF vibe. I think this would be AWSOME to hear as a song.

Jeff The Killer and Laughing Jack

Jeff the Killer,Laughing Jack,and Slenderman lol that is me and my friends.

My every thought in a pool. Lol--no my every thought in a lake, river, or the ocean! So scary