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The way I stand looks kinda weird O.o Oh well everything for the best lightning. Maybe I'll cosplay Izaya tonight. Its either him Mike from snk or Ayato from tg. Who'd you chose? #sunako #sunakonakahara #sunakocosplay #sunakonakaharacosplay #cosplayer #animecosplay #thewallflower #thewallflowercosplay #perfectgirlevolution

This is the best cosplay I have ever seen. He looks like the real Izaya from Durarara! <<<nice (my only complaint is that the hood needs to be fluffier lol)

Orihara Izaya cosplay [DuRaRaRa!!] #1 Match Your Eye Color with Cosplay Cosmetic Colored Contact lens here !

which-instant: amazing cosplay… of Izaya Orihara... - myinsanitygenius

Orihara Izaya<<<< someone get me that cosplayers number so I can marry him...(or just tell him he's awesome)