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Kate Shaw

Artist Kate Shaw uses a acrylic paint, water, inks, and airbrushes to create these surreal landscapes. The images seem somewhat of this world, but with colors and textures we’ve never seen. After pouring out acrylic and resin, she lets the paint form naturally, looking for familiar shapes like mountains or tree branches, and collages these shapes together. She then uses an airbrush to create watery surfaces, or delicate clouds. Each of her pieces celebrates the beauty of nature, but at the ...


Leslie Ann O’Dell

Fashinating photo manipulation artworks by Leslie Ann O’Dell –...

Honestly WTFfrom Honestly WTF

Tinted Travels

Self-taught artist Christian Couteau has transported me to far away places like Vietnam, Chile, France, Cuba and Peru in his stunning watercolors.


Fabian Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo finds photographs of pop icons – from Edward Scissorhands and Dorothy to Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali – and copies them with a contemporary and fashionable twist.


Andreea Bianca Grigore

Bucharest, Romania artist Andreea Bianca Grigore. 'Pieces'. Her work explores dark and fantastical themes through figurative characters of her own design. She expresses her ideas easiest through completely imaginary landscapes rather than photomanipulation, because she sees in art a possibility to escape.