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Jim Murphy and team must jump up and down and shout as much as possible trying to be heard. Oxygen is no cure for the wound that Labour’s own conduct has cut to the core of its foundation. It’s keeping the patient alive for now – but publicity is not a sufficient condition for success.

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The Internet's Funniest Responses To The Scottish Independence Debate

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8 Claims From The Scottish Independence Debate, Fact-Checked

Darling claimed Scotland has higher public spending per head than the rest of the UK. | 8 Claims From The Scottish Independence Debate, Fact-Checked

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Groundskeeper Willie gets animated over Scottish independence debate

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Scottish debate: Salmond and Darling in angry clash over independence

06/8/14 Scottish Independence debate was hosted by Bernard Ponsonby at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on 5 August 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland. Photograph: Jeff J M...


Alex Salmond to replace the Queen on new Scottish pound coin

Alex Salmond's head on new Scottish pound coin. The Scottish independence debate has been taken to a new level after plans were unveiled for Alex Salmond’s head to feature on Scottish pound coins. The plan, which would be introduced on April 1, 2015, would see the head of Scotland’s First Minister replace that of the Queen if the country votes for independence. #AprilFool