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Only my kids, grandsons and husband

Good advice #walkaway #positivemoments #lifeisajourney

Please remember this and learn from it

Exactly. THANK YOU!

We all need to practice Positive Thinking more often in our daily lives. We'd be more relaxed, open & kind. Get advice and inspiration to ignore the negative & embrace the positive

So true

So true

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i feel like giving up on us quotes - Google Search

i feel like giving up on us quotes - Google Search

Taylor Swift Quote. Kinda reminds me of Jo's quote from Safe Haven. "Promise me you'll take lots of pictures. Only regret the ones you didn't take."

no normally the things that I regret are the things that I say, actually. Those are the things that hurt people. But thank you taylor swift for your incredible insight.

I dont need fancy stuff im the type of girl who is perfectly happy with go n fish n

Beer in one hand and a pole in the other makes for one happy girl ;


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And this scared the hell out of me

Yes. There comes a time when even the nicest people have to take a stand, a position. When the drama has to cease... Just because you are nice doesn't mean others can wipe their feet on your back.

Even the nice people have their limits.

Thank you, I got my life back!

The two cheating punks are perfect for each other.

Let’s start mending, a little at a time

Let's start mending, a little at a time - Brave Girls Club

Well ain't that the truth.

Well ain't that the truth. I stopped making excuses for him left him and got my life back