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Ryan Reynolds

  • Brenda

    Ryan Reynolds- funny and sexy. Oh boy.

  • Pop Culture Alice

    Ryan Reynolds #handsome #hottie #sexy #hot #celebrity #star #dreamboat #actor #movies #goodlooking

  • Lonny Weissnat

    I'm being an incredibly jealous girlfriend right now , so I'm handling it by looking at super hot guys on Pinterest #Celebrities

  • Lex Wags

    Ryan Reynolds Sexy Man, Gorgeous Guy, Hott Men, Abs of Steel, Pecs, Masculine, Hard, Sports Sweaty, Yummy, Nummy, Ripped, Stunning, Muscular, Built, Hairy, Eye Candy Not to mention hes also gonna play deadpool again ;)

  • Courtney Graves

    thank you god for making such beautiful people

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Ryan Reynolds, Yes!

Gerry :D

Gerard Butler ♥