This is so true i love how i feel after i'm done run !

This is true. You don't work out to have a good time. You work out to get your butt kicked and look/feel great.

Nike + iPod Sensor

How I monitor my activity running and walking. Insert this sensor in my shoe and it syncs with my iTouch. Upload the info to the Nike+ website. It's a very good motivator, makes it fun.

When she finds out you lift and cook.  [Yeah right, but I can pretend.]

When she finds out you lift and cook. -Thank you for lifting me up when I'm down. I can always count on you to make me smile again and make me forget my problems for a couple minutes. Love you my bestie!

You make my knees feel weak. Jk

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What's my secret? OH, it's this awesome new diet pill called get the fuck up, and work your motherfucking ass off, bitch.

For me it takes the terrifying thought of wearing a swimsuit, a t-Rex would also suffice.

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