Early this morning When you knocked upon my door Early this morning When you knocked upon my door And I said hello Satan I believe it's time to go - Robert Johnson Wear on around your neck or hang on your front door to protect against slander, gossip, and the Evil Eye. Includes cats eye shell, slippery elm bark, and rue from the TAL garden.

Witches Protection Bottle Witch Bottle Spell by WitcheryWay

Watercolour inspiration - Flowering Kale - Original Botanical watercolor 8 x 10

Hand Painted Astrological Palm Reading Ring and Jewelry Holder (via Miss Moss)

Wedding Broom/Handfasting Besom, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Tradition, Jump The Broom, White Wedding, Pagan Wedding,Wiccan Wedding. $65.00, via Etsy.

War Water is traditional foot track magic at it's best. A combination of swampy iron water, tangled spanish moss, a rusty iron nail, and vile ingredients in a glass bottle.

Moon Phase Large Crystal and Mineral collection

The Cailleach by Niamh Orourke - The Cailleach is a very ancient Irish deity mentioned many times in early Irish mythological texts. She is the old hag, witch, seer, prophetess and goddess.

Goddess Protective Amulet Necklace

Evil Eye Glass Talisman Amulet: Evil Eye Amulets are alleged to protect you from looks charged with envy, fear, resentment or other negative thought.

Four Points of Prosperity Conjure Bag Set contain buckeye, pyrite, paired lodestones, magnetic sand, iron filings, cinnamon, irish moss, sugar, and tonka beans.

Corno Gobbo Italian horned amulet: An Italian charm, the Corno Gobbo is a well-dressed hunchback in a suit & top hat, holding a horse shoe, and making the mano cornuta sign. He provides good luck to gamblers and protection against the evil eye.

Solomons Seal Stickers: The King Solomon Seals are the magickal pentacles of King Solomon of the old testament, believed to grant special powers to those who wear or possess them.


Captured Quartz Necklace: Quartz Repels and destroys negative energy but is can also be used to store, cleanse, transmit and amplify energies. Wear your captured quartz to enhance your daily life.

No Bible Thumpers Decal: Tired of bible thumpers coming to your door? Keep them away with this handy dandy sticker!

Dream Satchel: Dream Pillow Satchels are small muslin bags filled with fragrant potent herbs and items to aid in #dreaming, #psychic visions, and #protection during #astral travel. #witchcraft #dreampillow