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Moving from being a full-time communications professional with Tata Communications to a stay-at-home mom and now to a freewheeling communications consultant over the last two years hasn’t been an easy transition for Janice. Even so, you can very well say that there is never a dull moment in her life. No two days are alike for her and that is what makes her life vastly different from what it was, changed for the better.

While most think that being a teenager is fun and easy, the truth can be very different. The life of a teenager can be tormenting as well as confusing. Most often they tend to bottle up their emotions as a result of which frustration builds up making the teenager rebellious. Therefore, it is extremely important for parents to understand and learn to deal with their child at this stage. Read on to find out how to deal with a rebellious teenager.To Mom, with Love! This May, we at ...

Like most working women in Mumbai, Preeti juggles multiple roles. The three biggest ones in her life are, being mumma to her five-year-old son Neel, being the Chief Fun Officer at FunOKPlease Publishing India and being a partner to her husband Amish (of the Shiva Trilogy fame). We traced a day in the life of this multi-tasking mom.

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do. And while it can be heart-breaking, we've got to admit that there's a bunch of stuff we'd much rather do than suck it up with some loser. Life is just so much easier and stress–free for us girls without a boyfriend in the equation. If you're finding this hard to believe, take a look at these 20 awesome things that are way better than a boyfriend.

Shubhi Agrawal is a part-time media professional and full-time mom. This thirty-something mommy's bundle of joy is a six-month-old baby boy. We trace her day from AM to PM and witness how she glides through it with baby cuddles, naps, feeds, getting crafty and finally, letting her hair down!

It's that time of the year again when all roads lead to Cannes. With the famous Cannes Film Festival just around the corner (May 14 to 25, 2014), you might want to hurry and make your bookings at your desired hotel. To help make this procedure simpler, we've scouted some of the best hotels for you to stay at for a Cannes experience you won't forget. (In this picture: Palm Beach, Cannes. Image courtesy: © Thinkstockphotos/Getty images)

Delicious, cold and creamy shrikhand topped with dry fruits and strands of saffron accompanied by soft, hot puris is possibly the most mouth-watering summer meal. This yummy treat can be made in no time with this easy recipe by Tarla Dalal. Here’s the yummy recipe of shrikhand that you must try.

With high-end dessert shops luring you to soothe your sweet tooth, eating a piece of cake is anything but easy (read: expensive). Today, we bring you an easy and pocket-friendly homemade strawberry cheesecake recipe that will serve you more than a piece of mouth-watering cheesecake and cost you lesser than you ever imagined.

If you ask any working mom if she feels guilty about leaving her child behind while heading out to work each day, her immediate response would be - Yes! Ask her if she wishes that the last few words of that urgent email didn’t take so much time, as her toddler pulled her tirelessly because it was time to go to the park.

Corn cheese balls are perhaps one of the most popular finger foods. To get into the groove of the party season, we bring to you a recipe from Tarla Dalal’s kitchen. These party starters have a crunchy exterior with a soft and cheesy core that will make them a hit with your guests. While the step-by-step recipe is ridiculously easy, your guests might have a tough time resisting them.