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Christianity, Culturally Engaged: This video shows very clearly how reality and truth have been ultimately subverted behind the gender issues like the neutral bathroom laws.

Christianity and the Abortion Issue: Change of Heart; Dr. Anthony Levatino tells his story of his jouney from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life..

Christianity and the Transgender Movement: Walt Heyer was a trangender woman. What started as his grandmother dressing him up innocently with a dress when he was little for wanting a granddaughter, it became a life journey through seven decades of confusion, pain, and ultimately, redemption.

from The New Yorker

Who Has the Right to Die?

Christianity and the Issue of Euthanasia: A look at Euthanasia, its effects in those left behind, and the humanist philosophy driving it that is paradoxically detrimental to humans (ultimately), the center of its arguments.

Christianity and the Homosexual Movement: Dean Bailey, 50, is not afraid to tell anyone he is living proof that ‘sexual orientation’ can in fact be changed. But he rather prefers to use the word ‘restored’.

Freedom of Expression and Religious Freedom: How will Christians survive this post-Christian world that is seeing increasing anti-Christian hostility, especially in the issue of gay marriage? Instead of raging at the loss of influence or making grudging concessions to modernity, we might take this moment to display the essential character of Christianity—one that appeals and persuades outside the faith. We should be known for, and distinguished by, a belief in the priority of humans—for…

Christianity and the Homosexuality Movement: 10 things pastors (and you) should know about homosexuality and the christians who struggle with it.