sam taylor-wood

Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor Wood

Audrey Hepburn Pixel People Perfection by Craig Alan - Look Closely... the portrait is composed of people.

Senior Photography

Sam Taylor-Wood self portrait, part of the Bram Stoker’s Chair series. She was suspended by wires as she held this pose suspended from wires, then erased the wires and the chair's shadow in the final image. "... the chair is like this unknown entity that is keeping everything buoyant. And there is something sinister about it ..." -- from Taylor-Wood's book "Still Lives."

A beautifully crafted shadow

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Dance First!

Dance Me to the End of Love - Jack Vettriano

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dancing with Heaven


Stunning Urban Photography - this would work if the puddle is in shadow and the reflected object is in full morning or afternoon light. Bracketing the shot would be a smart move.

Sam Taylor Wood - Self-portrait levitation series

Saatchi Online Artist: Franco Fusari; Conté, 2010, Drawing "light & shadow"



"Vicissitudes" Depth 5m, Grenada, West Indies. Artist Jason DeCaires Taylor