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Scrimshaw style on eggshells. The eggs are carved lightly using a high speed drill for the main lines. A knife is then used for fine details. India ink is applied and the excess wiped away carefully.

carved eggshell

carved peafowl eggshell

carved goose eggshell

carved goose eggshell

carved emu eggshell

Fine Victorian Lace: Delicate Carvings in Eggshells

Eggshell carvings.

Hand carved goose eggshell.

Egg Shell Carving | Eggshell Carvings

~ Hand-Carved Victorian Egg ~

Carved and Etched Eggs

Such detail.

Carved Egg

hand carved eggs

Hand Carved Egg Shell

Carved Eggs.

World egg carving 蛋中蛋

Egg carving

Beautiful goose egg carving

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