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Just one more reason becoming a mermaid is our New Year's resolution.Now I just need to decide what color of tail to get from!

A new take on sirens of old. If you loved twilight you will like my series. If you hated twilight you will still like my series for different reasons.

Even though water Dragons and mermaids share the ocean they know very little about each other. So when a mermaid finds a chained up Water Dragon in her secret cave she gets to know him a little.

All the new mermaid documentaries on Discovery about human evolving from mermaids are quite fascinating; we DO have a small bit of skin webbing between our fingers & toes and we are composed mostly of water after all... Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel Panda

Undersea Mermaid Tail Contemporary Painting Original Canvas

Mermaids Don't Do Housework | Digital Design Photo Print

Wow, you guys! Thank you so much to everyone who

Wow, you guys! Thank you so much to everyone who... - For the Love of Lines