The best blog post ever! 25 clever (useful,cheap,just awesome) ideas to make life easier.

Pre-cut apples, then rubberband it together to keep it from getting brown. Good for packed lunches, picnics, travel...

25 mind-blowing food prep techniques to save you time & frustration

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A MUST READ TO BELIEVE: So many uses for Magic Erasers - even ones you never knew about! Seriously, I didn't even finish reading the list...there are a TON of uses!

Tons of tricks to make life a little easier around the house, never heard of most of these!

how to fold a fitted sheet (this blew my mind because it sure isn't the ridiculously hard way my Mom taught me - and so stinkin' obvious when you see the demonstration!) EASY and finally an unwrinkled bottom sheet!

36 Double-Duty Tips for Household Items If you ever find yourself wondering what to do with an old pair of socks or growing collection of spare buttons, weve got some double-duty solutions for you. Here, alternative uses for 30+ household items

Unshrink clothes -Where has this post been all my life???

CLEVER picture frame hanging trick!

Packing and moving Tips ;) genius!

Who knew? If emergency occurs... While the blood is gushing - hold pressure and crack open an egg. Peel that membrane off and put it on the wound (continue holding pressure) The membrane will harden and keep the wound closed until you can get to the ER for stitches

How to drill a hole in a jar and put lights in it.--Good to know for thosebottles and mason jars

Natural fly repellant

DIY SPIDER KILLER - Natural Remedy to keep spiders out of your home for good !!

FASHION DIY FIX: You will never guess this amazing trick for removing bobbles from your knitwear! And nope it doesn't involve razors. Pin now and get your knitwear in tip top condition for winter. | A Thrifty Mrs

One of the best pins I've seen... This is something I'm going to make: 8 sheets of 2 in 4 x 8 ft foil back insulation and a couple rolls of foil duct tape, a few eye hooks, and some paracord. ( all I need are 6 more sheets and I'm good to go ). Sturdy, wind and rain proof shelter. So so so simple.