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If your kid asked you for a Spinosaurus toy, you should be proud of your little paleontologist. The T-Rex is by many considered to be the king...


Spinosaurus may be the largest theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas; believed to be even larger than T-Rex, with make-up that is half bird/half crocodile.

LOOK: Stunning 'Paleoart' Will Beam You Back Into A Ferocious Prehistoric World

While we may not have time machines, a Canadian paleoartist, Julius Csotonyi, provides us with the next best thing in an illustration from his new book.

Neotheropod apex carnivores of different era : (allosauroids= )Allosaurus(early cretaceous) /Ceratosaurus(Late jura )/ (tyrannosaurid=) T-Rex(late cretaceous) * Note = The oldest is the ceratosaurus

12 Weird Prehistoric Creatures That Will Make You Glad You're Alive Today

This whale with legs. | 12 Weird Prehistoric Creatures That Will Make You Glad You’re Alive Today “Dorudon is a wonderful example of an intermediate stage in the evolution of modern whales from legged terrestrial animals, for this animal possessed a pair of hind flippers,” Csotonyi says.

LIOPLEURODON was the biggest plesiosaur. Liopleurodon was not a dinosaur, but a short-necked plesiosaur (a pliosaur), an extinct, swimming reptile. It lived during the late Jurassic period in Europe and Eastern Europe. It was a carnivore which ate fish,ichthyosaurs, and other plesiosaurs. 39 to 49 feet (12-15 m) long. It had a long body with a large head, a short neck, powerful jaws and teeth, and four long, wide, paddle-like flippers. The skull was 10 feet (3 m) long.