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  • Erica

    before mobile phones we had #Dreamphone loved this game #90s #toys #nostalgia - played this with my sister alot.

  • KayRah

    Anyone remember playing board games? What about Dream Phone?

  • Kristian Agenten

    Wow!!! Childhood Memories!

  • Amber Kinnison

    DREAM PHONE! Only the best board game ever. Life of a 90s kid @Gena Ng Ng Baker @shelby c c Bryant @Kara Morehouse Morehouse Weaver

  • Amy Johnson

    "He looks cool in whatever he wears ... he's not wearing a jacket!" @Laura Jayson Gabriella Hickerson and @Amy Lyons Johnson remember this?!?!?! It was our holiday tradition!!! SO MUCH FUN!! We need to find one and play it again!

  • Beccky Krause-Holm RA4RP

    The fun of playing long games of Dream Phone and Mall Madness at sleepovers. | 27 Things You Forgot You Missed About Summer In The ’90s

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