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Women in numbers - Great infographic

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Literacy [INFOGRAPHIC] #literacy

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HTML 5: Past, Present, Future - Infographic

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Your Chances of Dying



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Women in Media Infographic - Men are quoted more often than women, even on "women's issues".

Upworthyfrom Upworthy

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Is The Safest Place In The World For Women To Live And Work?

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Amazon infograph showing where is the safest place in the world for women to live and work! I really thought that the US would be a bit higher, but I guess with recent right wing ignorance regarding womens rights, its to be expected.

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Wealth Inequality in America.

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15 types of clients, their characteristics and ways to deal with them - Wonderful World of Clients [infographic]

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Barriers to Women’s Workplace Advancement|

Lifehackfrom Lifehack

Facts You Probably Never Knew About Dreaming

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Designs for secondary coverage: I love this because it incorporates a lot of information with just the right amount of visual elements. We could morph this into a really cool spread on virtually any topic.

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Rape Rapeculture

scary statistics

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The Sneaky Psychology of Advertising #infographic

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Specs Appeal is a charity that provides people in developing countries with access to glasses #infographic

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