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    What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? | The term "garbage patch" most often refers to a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas. Two of the most famous are the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the more-recently discovered Great Atlantic Garbage Patch. It's the poster child for a worldwide problem: plastic that begins in human hands yet ends up in the ocean, often inside animals' stomachs or around their necks. | MNN - Mother Nature Network

  • Erinn Mutz

    What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch? A swirling sea of plastic bags, bottles and other debris in the North Pacific that is about the size of Texas. And now another one has been found in the Atlantic. Together, they cover a larger area than North America.

  • Jessica Woodford

    plastic vortex in the pacific.....our family's Earth Day goal is to be more aware of our plastic purchases and disposing of them properly.

  • MIKA H

    grat trash patch - Google Search

  • JoAnne Gehm

    Great Pacific Garbage Patch Size | Superhero 101: Saving Earth One Plastic Bottle at a Time | Bachman's ...

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