toilet paper rolls for seedlings, plant the whole thing

Upturned bottles edge garden path. This certainly is a new application for recycled bottles.

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Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls into Miniature Planters for your Garden | #diyready

Cute Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants. When ready to plant, stick the whole roll in the ground. Roll will decompose.

Toilet paper seedlings cups. Get two out of one roll.

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Starting Plants In Toilet Paper Rolls

Root Crop Storage Bin- root veggies like carrots and beets will stay fresh all winter and even grow sweeter in this storage bin. Just fill with layers of damp sand or sawdust, alternating with layers of carrots or beets, and put in a cool, dark place. Potatoes, turnips and squash can go right in the bin without sand.

Grow seedlings in recycled containers as greenhouses. Any clear plastic container will do. Use paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls as a pot. When ready to plant, simply place the whole roll in the ground and plant.

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I love this and so easy to make.

✯ Paper Daisies

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder~I made this for week 2 for my 52 pins on Monday, January 14th, 2013. 1. Empty Toilet Paper roll 2. Spread creamy peanut butter on outside of roll 3. Roll it in bird seed 4. Run twine through the toilet paper roll & hang for birds to feed off of.

Five things you will need for planting seeds

use a toilet paper roll as a filler!!! Interesting

If you start seeds in toilet paper rolls, you can plant the seedlings with their toilet paper rolls directly in your vegetable garden. From Troy-Bilt #Saturday6 garden expert, AZ Plant Lady.


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