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I like how the soft shadow creates a beautiful image on the ground and the fact there is a strong shadow surrounding the soft shadow works very well. I dislike how the image is framed very centrally and could have showed more of these relfections.

Untitled by Matteo Angelotti on 500px

“I don't know how you say good-bye to whom and what you love. I don't know a painless way to do it, don't know the words to capture a heart so full and a longing so intense.” ― Laura Wiess, How It Ends Image: ziyakasapoglu photography

Great shadow

Beautiful doors .. (via And ideas are bulletproof...)

Tamachi, Tokyo, 2012 (via Shin Noguchi)

Thomaz Farkas - 14/11/2016 - Ilustrada - Fotografia - Folha de S.Paulo

Thomas Farkas | A dança é sobre expressar coisas indescritíveis e como a sombra se torna seu amigo.

Fotografias da China e fotógrafos chineses para celebrar o Ano Novo

Fotografia de Fan Ho, publicada no livro "Hong Kong Yesterday". Veja mais em:

As composições fotográficas com luz e sombra de Emilio Jiménez

The Spanish photographer Emilio Jiménez creates stunning visual compositions with his camera. In his series "Anatomía natural, salvaje", it focuses on the shadows of nature projected on the naked female body.Jiménez plays with light and

pretty park bench shadows