Living La Vida Loki!

Tom Hiddelston on Loki. Awww.

Screw candy and cookies and whatever villains bring us in with. Loki for LIFE.

Fandoms are awesomely crazy

only villain I've known to get a sexy photo shoot...and that's because it's Loki (Tom Hiddleston) no other villain has been this smoldering.

we like our villains like we like our chocolate

villains, loki

My screen is melting. That's how hot Loki is.

Loki / Tom Hiddleston


While Caesar Flickerman hosts them.

I think loneliness disguises itself as cruelty....

Loki's words to Black Widow may have had some slightly different connotations...

The Contrast: Loki is fundamentally weak. Yes, Thanos may have run him through the mill, but he does evil because he is jealous, or because he thinks it's fun, and then does good when someone makes him. Bucky is fundamentally strong: He was still repeating his serial number when Steve found him the first time, and the only way to make him do evil is to COMPLETELY BRAINWASH him. No pain would make him Hydra's puppet with a sane mind. WOW.

I can never un-see this...

Tom is a superhero. I accept this.