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    I'm letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong. #letgo #quotes #motivation #inspiration #strength

  • Megan Jacobsmeyer

    Let go, move on, be strong

  • Joelle Johnson

    Positive thoughts allowed only

  • Megan

    Jason Mraz quote

  • Kristianne Haran

    be strong, stay strong...


    I'm letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong #PictureQuotes, #Inspirational, #LettingGo, #BeStrong, #MovingOn, #Thoughts If you like it ♥Share it♥ with your friends. View more #quotes @

Inspiration, Quotes, Lettinggo, Stay Strong, Let Go, Letgo, Positive Thoughts, Jason Mraz, Be Strong

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"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty… Today is such a day." ~Rumi

I can't just let stuff go. It takes me a while to build up the courage to say goodbye. I don't think people realize how hard is to physically leave a situation whether it be good or bad. But once you're brave enough to do it, it happens so smoothly. - Kourtney.

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What difficult thing(s) have you had to let go of? What helped, or would have helped, make it a little easier? You thought is was real; and it was real at that time. Be gentle with yourself.

Let go of the things that make you unhappy and have freedom in your life #freedom #happy

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you can't change

I wish I could let go of my ex friend completely, but she keeps stalking and chasing me around, cause drama for me and so many others, steal my characters and my journals for herself and lie about it, and saw me as a mirror image of herself so much that she wanted to become a mirror image of me. She's still putting me through that to use me for my talent 4 years later which makes letting go extremely difficult for me...

Words to live by... Letting Go. I cannot change nor can I even understand actions of others.

Letting go feels amazing. Some people will never change, just let go and focus on your life. ♥

Everyday. What have you truly done today to improve yourself? You laugh but I know truly who will not be laughing in the end of your next conquest. Oh honey pls don't pull that higher than mighty shit on me. You can't fool me. You truly earned your bitch status when you got nasty with the woman who tried to help. Did u really think God would be your accomplice in your condescending abuse of the NARCs behalf? just bc you post a few Jesus quotes? Get over yourself already.

Whether dealing with challenges in the past, present or future, we'll eventually have to let go to find our happiness.