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Afternoon Burn!  Got 4 minutes...sure you do.  Check out this 4 minute workout which requires no equipment.

Afternoon Burn - 4 Minute Workout

Ive done tabata before and can vouch for it. - kait Torch fat literally in minutes with this 4 minute express workout called Tabata. This will rev up your metabolism for 24 hours so you continue to even burn fat post workout!

Free Printable Cardio & Core Tabata Workout. No equipment needed.  Tabata is high intensity in less time!

Free Printable Cardio and Core Tabata Workout

9 Yoga Moves for Weight Loss #yoga #weightloss

Yoga Workout for Weight Loss

Yoga is excellent for relaxation AND weight loss! Check out 9 Yoga Moves for Weight Loss (video tutorials included). at Diets Grid

13 Ways to Tone the Inner Thighs

Sumo Squat With Side-Arm Raises

Sumo Squat With Side Arm Raises: Stand with legs wide and toes pointed outward slightly. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your arms straight and your palms facing down. Straighten your legs and lower your arms simultaneously.

It's one of our most flab-melting routines ever: Eight of the best lab-tested toners mixed together to boost your metabolism, with no sweaty cardio required. You'll get up to three times more firming per rep as you torch a third more calories each minute -- during and after your workout -- compared with typical strength training.

Burn, Baby, Burn: The Metabolism-Boosting Superset Workout

"Burn, Baby, Burn: The Metabolism-Boosting Superset Workout" Fitness magazine// sizzle mega calories even while you sleep.

Absolute Beginner's Workout - Part 2

Shape Up Size Down

Absolute Beginners Workout Part II - get started at home! 6 exercise routines for the upper and lower body. Take charge of your body!

Fastest Ways To Slim Big Thighs | Reduce Big Thighs

6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs

6 Moves for Slimmer Hips and Thighs: Sculpt your lower body while challenging your core and zapping fat

Fat Blasting, Butt Tightening Workout #workout #buttworkouts

Tighten Your Lower Half while Burning Fat

Done regularly, this Fat Blasting, Butt Tightening Workout will give you amazing legs and a tight butt!

Try this combo workout plan: treadmill time + ab and arm work!

Sweat and Strengthen! 45-Minute Printable Cardio-and-Toning Workout

I realize this artical is about "beating the winter blues" but it sounds like a good 45 min gym plan.

Six Pack Abs and Love Handles Workout (BodyRock - Zuzana) jcaroline7

James Bond Lunges – 30 reps Spider Man Push Ups – 10 reps Laying knee tucks to Back extensions – 10 reps (knee tuck and back extension counts as 1 rep) High knees with jump rope 30 reps as fast as you can x 5 ( just a short break in between each set)

1110-kettlebell-combo.jpg. 5/28/12: lauren brooks kettlebell workout level 2, week 5, monday-joint mobility, tabata 2 (1 arm swing right, 1 arm swing left, squat thrust, jumping jacks-2x)

Kettlebell Workout: Take Hold of a Hot Bod

Shape Cleavage: Bra-Strap Lift -    Chest Exercise  Workout

Tone Your Trouble Zones

Bra-Strap Lift- Holding one end of a resistance band in each hand, palms facing in, stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart so that both feet are placed securely on middle of band. With palms facing each other, raise extended arms (keep elbows slightl.

WH: Two Routines for Leaner Legs & a Tighter Butt.

Lose Leg Fat: Leaner Legs, Tighter Butt

Lose Leg Fat: Leaner Legs, Tighter Butt Get a bangin' lower body with these two fat-melting, muscle-sculpting routines

The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds

Dumbbell Squat to Overhead Press

The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds.) (Dumbbells and stability ball needed.) The Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds.

The Butt, Thigh, and Belly Workout: Fit into Your Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks...

Fit into Your Skinny Jeans in 4 Weeks

trasero gif

Ejercicios que te darán un trasero digno de tus skinny jeans

This will help tighten your butt while getting rid of the fat on top of the waist.