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Some people like to make their sins look way better than others. Nothing like a life changing event to bring out the true character of a person. She'll never see this because she's unfriend an unfollowed me. Hippocrates....

Oh it really is!! Amazingly Hilarious!

lol. Great come back! :P lol I wouldn't ever need it but still funny

Funny Confession Ecard: What's that? You heard a bunch of stories about me? From someone who doesn't like me? They MUST be true!

Just like your whole life! And she has the nerve to ask others if they love their kids she needs to take a long look in the mirror and be thankful her parents were around to raise her kids.

from The Huffington Post

9 Answers To The 2nd Worst Thanksgiving Question

When She Acts Like a Drama Queen - 10 ANNOYING Things Women Do that Guys Hate.... Oh GO let him FUCK YOUR ARSE SLAG .... You come here and deal with my screaming kids IN agony you deluded filthy unkept incapable poor excuse of an empty YOU !

Once the trash has been taken to the curb, you don't bring it back in......Let it go....