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Love the North Face mint hoodie! <3

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"Sporty" by honeybee20 on Polyvore

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North Face - I actually like this outfit! I almost never see polyvore outfits that I would wear and, while this one needs cowboy boots instead of toms and most of my friends will tell you I'm not crazy about pink, I like this outfit. Not these jeans though, I've seen other pairs that I like better, or I could wear it with a denim skirt. . .

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mint chocolate outfit

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Tiffany blue converse

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#hotpink #black #ring #shoes #coach #earings #watch #jeans #zebra #pinktank #follow #blackbelt

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Red and Gray outfit <3

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Summer #fashion for summer #clothes for summer #cute summer outfits #my summer clothes #summer clothes style|

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Graphic Design Studio & Apparel Boutique by BatHouseDesign

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LOLO Moda: Cute spring fashion for women but different color jeans for me

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Cute Spring Outfit!

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purple <3

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jeans, hoodie, navy vest, brown riding boots

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"NADA" grey, white and mint summer outfit by stylisheve on Polyvore,plus please.