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ryan mcdonell: Louise Nevelson inspired sculptures

Louise Nevelson inspired sculptures by high school students (personal totems with critique)

Louise Nevelson -- You can make your own simpler version, too! Find a cardboard box, arrange some everyday objects into/on it, hot-glue it all down, and spray paint it in one color! They make really cool wall-hangings and decorations:)

when doing my post on the sculpture park, i remembered that i also wanted to post about louise nevelson. one of her large metal sculptures is housed at the park, but i much prefer her assemblage work.

Found Object Assemblage Inspired By Louise Nevelson “When you put together things that people have thrown out, you’re really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created.” -Louise Nevelson 1899-1988 #earthday

Found Object Assemblage Inspired by Louise Nevelson Lesson Plan - The goal of this project is for students to learn about some of the principles of sculpture, such as composition, form, shape and repetition.

The Sculpture of Louise Nevelson - Rapaport, Brooke Kamin; The ...

Objects: Louise Nevelson, Dawn's Wedding Chapel IV, from Dawn's Wedding Feast, painted wood, 109 x 87 x 13 _ inches.

Digication e-Portfolio :: Danise Egan :: Favorite Lessons 2nd Grade group art project. Inspired by Louise Nevelson

louise nevelson sculpture shows variety in the length and shape of its pieces

Untitled by Louise Nevelson (circa 1975-1976) Lesson

Untitled by Louise Nevelson (circa Lesson. The first Louise Nevelson work I ever saw was a small black piece similar to this. I had never seen abstract sculpture made in re-claimed materials before. I was fascinated with her work and have been ever since.

Art Lesson: Assemblage Art using throwaway items, cast off pieces of wood and uniformly coated with spray paint

3 Dimensional - Lesson Plans by Discipline - Lesson Plans - BLICK art materials

Part of collaborative assemblage (Donna Staten)

Pinned: In celebration of Earth Day, my classes brought in "junk" to recycle into a Louise Nevelson style box sculpture. We had a blast watching it grow and come together!