A Typical Day For A High Schooler In 2005 | 11th grade!!

I had a Spottie Dottie book bag before I even knew what Sanrio was. An obsession with said company of characters would soon follow 9 years later as a high schooler.

y'know, now that you mention it..

A typical day in the life of a high schooler 2005 - List on BuzzFeed

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If you grew up mostly after Y2K, these will be your Legends of the Hidden Temple and Dunkaroos. In other news, I am a fossil..

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Been there done that.

The 2001 cast of Degrassi: The Next Generation: where are they now? The answers might surprise you!

The pink Razr. | 35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With....seriously all I wanted then lol.

Things we grew up with

Swing Sets; lifted up out of the ground when we would swing too high!

That glue with the rubber tip--reminds me of kindergarten.

#90's kid I had this phone and it was sturdy! Dropped it lots and never broke.

Ha, I remember doing that!

Old School Paper Cutter-Edison & Skinner Schools in Denve, Colo both had them-Marilyn(Busby) Horchem

Heads up Seven up

Yellow School Lunch Trays from the 60's & 70s Just like we had in grade school! (BTW I have a set of these in pastel colors and love them!)

Silly Bandz (also called Silly Bands) are the latest craze to take children by storm and everyone from pre-schoolers to high school kids are clamoring...