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The pink Razr. | 35 Things Every Teen Girl In The ’00s Was Obsessed With....seriously all I wanted then lol.

And sharpen up: | Can You Make It Through This Post Without Wanting To Be In 5th GradeAgain?

I still have the feet to one of these stuck to the shelf in my old room. Our cat ate the fuzzball though, haha.

"If Disney Princesses Went to Your High School" by Caldwell Tanner and KellySater - CollegeHumor Article

Vintage Old School Scissors. In first grade I used these to cut my eyelashes off. Where was the teacher??? I'd love to have those lashes today.

17 Signs You Graduated High School In 2004, 2005, Or 2006 | This is some funny (and highly accurate) shit

High School Musical problems… Dont forget "sticking to the status quo!" when NO ONE stuck to it (see 1st movie)

'90s fashion with the coolest kids in high school.

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